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Laura Balmaceda

Laura Balmaceda has always loved to draw. Her art career began at 7 years old, when she presented at her first art show in elementary school (Kittens, if memory serves).  Since then she has never stopped drawing.. But, she did hiatus from art for a season to pursue a professional ballroom career.  (It was an amazing seventeen year experience that allowed her to perform all over the nation.)

Having spent so much time dancing, Laura very much enjoys figure drawing, especially motion and evoking emotion.

Laura's work is inspired by nature, folklore and mythology, her art evokes emotion and imagination in the viewer.  She loves narative illustration, character design and costume illustration.  She works in ink, watercolor and oils.

Laura attended Utah State University to study illustration and commerial art, and she is currently under mentorship with Rebecca Guay and IMC.

She lives with her wonderful daughter in the idillc town of Kaysville, Utah.

Pro Ballroom Dancing
Pro Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom Pro Dance Competition
Latin Dance Competition
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