The Advent Elves Save Christmas…

advent elves day 3 optimized
advent Elves Day 7
advent elves day 9 optimized

My New Art Challenge:

It’s Christmas time.  All our Christmas decorations are in storage.  And the single-mom-money-struggle at the holidays is real. Starving artist is a thing.  But, we need magic in our lives.  And I need a project.  One that will inspire me to draw every day (because creativity and skill are linked and art is not a talent…it’s a learned skill. But, that’s a subject for another blog-post.)  So, after a long, heart-felt conversation with the art-director for this piece/project (my daughter) we traveled to our local art store and purchased the largest art board in stock.

She: “Draw some Christmas stuff.”

Me: “What sort of Christmas stuff?”

She: “I don’t know…who’s really into Christmas?”

Me: “Toy Manufacturers”

She: (deadpan) “You mean…the Elves?”

Ah! The Elves.

And so, we decided.  The challenge would be drawing the #AdventElves :  25 Character drawing collected on one big art board, one a day ‘til Christmas.  She gets to choose the personalities and activities of each elf, I get to draw them.  Hopefully, it will be magical.


To see each elf and watch the scene unfold follow me on Facebook or Instagram.  While you’re there, you could like or share this post… the Elves thank you in advance.

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